H1B Legal Service Fees Comparison

H1B Legal Service Fees Comparison

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The Department of Homeland Security officially announced the latest “lottery H-1B reform plan” on the Federal Notices Online. Before going to apply h1b visa (h1b签证) and get your H1B visa processed (also known as h1b签证流程), your company must have a h1b layer and pay for its fees (also known as h1b律师费). A lawyer usually dealt with many similar cases before, so they know what to say in the application letter. it can drastically increase your chance to getting your visa approved and make your application process much easier. If you are in big city like New York, or LA, you will have ample amount of choice for you immigration lawyer, (also known as 纽约移民律师). This article will introduce nyis and goh1b  (h1b律师推荐), and show you the comparison of their services.

H-1B related service charges: nyis small US legal advice VS GoH1B Small New Zealand charges: H-1B first applied for 2000-4000, RFE1200 (for signed customers), and the unsigned customer RFE price was calculated separately. The small New Zealand has not been drawn, H-1B is not refundable. GOH1B Fees: H-1B first application 1899, unlimited application 2899, RFE 1299 (for signed customers) unsigned customer RFE price 1799, the current policy did not draw H-1B no refund. If the electronic registration lottery policy is implemented. If the customer does not draw H-1B, GOH1B refund (only 799 basic lawyer fees are reserved). Compared with the small New Zealand fee, the price of GOH1B is more affordable.

Services: nyis small US legal advice VS GoH1B

The service scope of nyis Law Firm  (also known as 小纽美国法律咨询) is relatively wide, ranging from litigation, investment, to business, and immigration. The public law of the United States, the United States, also regularly promotes various legal news articles related to the various businesses mentioned above. (The following is a detailed description of the public number of the United States legal counseling in New Zealand)

Compared to nyis Law Firm (also known as 小纽律师事务所), GOH1B’s services are very streamlined and focused. The core service of GOH1B is to apply for H-1B visa. The business includes the first application for H-1B, H-1B replacement employer, H-1B RFE, H-1B extension and so on. If H-1B is not available or is not feasible, GOH1B also provides other visa applications, such as J-1, O-1 and L-1 visa application services. If a student wants to pass a lawyer, apply for H-1B. GOH1B also provides a tutorial for DIY H-1B https://diy.goh1b.com/#/README.

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